Karate, Kickboxing, Mua Thai, BJJ, Judo, Kung Fu, MMA, JuJutsu, Boxing, Self Defence, Fitness & Personal Development are all aspects of Martial Arts that forms part of a healthy lifestyle. Get Fit & start training in an authentic martial art, beginners & professionals welcome, learn the art of winning using empty hands and weapons as your tools. Weapons taught include; katana, tanto, hanbo, bo staff, kama, kusari, tessan, etc.

Get Fit, Have Fun & Learn To Protect Yourself!

Learn a Martial Arts fighting system that covers all types of scenarios with specific techniques that don't rely on size, strength or gender.

Become an accomplished fighter in a range of disciplines including striking, throws, locks, sweeps, ground work & weapons.

Gain confidence, improve your fitness and awarness of your surroundings.

Strengthen you mind, body and spirit.

First Lesson Free

Address: The Marlow Club, Globe Park, Fieldhouse Lane, Marlow, Buckinghamshire SL7 1LU

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Ninjutsu is a Martial Art developed in feudal Japan over hundreds of years and has been tested on the battlefield, dojo and street. Remaining relevant to todays practitioner it is a highly effective self defence and combative system of fighting.
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